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Phoenix Mystery School Membership:
The Phoenix Code

Initiation. Inspiration. Introspection

Deep reflection, guidance, and support.


Monthly Community Group

*Monthly Group Co Creative Healings

*Monthly Support Calls

*Monthly Training/Prompts

*Discounts on other Phoenix Mystery School Events, Classes, Programs (15%) and Mentorship. (10%)



Experience The Journey....

This is not a class or a training seminar - this is a group community - where you experience your deep initiation of coming back to center - following your internal guidance, investigating certain aspects with care while being held with support and clarity. 

In this Membership, you will receive each month:
*Group Rebalancing Calls - where we all participate in the healing process together

*Support Calls - Q&A style, open conversation leading back to your power

*Monthly Training or a Prompt - Intuitive Style. Depending on what is needed - there may be a training on certain healing topics, or prompts to do at your own pace.

*Ongoing support within the community to share your wins, takeaways, or any where you may need some perspective as you dive into becoming more YOU.

This is a Sacred, Quantum Space where the collective can heal together. Regardless if you're watching the replay or attending LIVE, the benefits are able to be accessed and tapped into by the members.

Regardless of when you join, you have access to the previous months to utilize at your own pace.

There is no pushing of what you "need to do" from me, ever. I do not believe in forcing anyone into something against what they feel is right for them, when there is that deep honesty.


I trust that the more you open up to guidance, the more you will implement what feels right for you.

I may guide you into a possible blindspot, or activate aspects already deep within, but you must be willing to walk through that door together.



Is This For Me?

This is for the person who...
Is done with being in Survival, who knows there is so much more to them than their reactions
Is ready to become more assertive, not aggressive
Is ready to implement boundaries in their life

Is ready to step into your own Transformation and is ready to say YES to stepping out of the victim triangle

Is willing to consciously investigate their reactions and overcome their inner critic

Is open and ready for a Sacred space of community support and trust.
Knows this isn't about constant self improvement - it is awareness and discernment, loving themselves where they are while making more aligned choices.

Better communication with loved ones without the filters of fear & rejection so that you can co create a relationship that is mutually beneficial


End the cycles of trauma bonding so that you can have loving, fulfilling relationships


Eatablish boundaries that reflect your values so that others know how to respect you


Stepping into self compassion so that your inner critic does not drive your day to day which will lead into more understanding and ability to move through your emotions with more ease.

At the end of the day....

I'm not here to convince you, this is something you must innately feel excited or lit up by.

If this process seems a bit daunting or scary in some ways - that is also OKAY., but you know that is not the reason to say no - rather the path in your yes, feeling the resistance of the ego saying "this is safer on this end".

If it is a full body no or gut feeling no, then I may not be the guide for you and that is okay, listen to your body, your heart and your soul.


3 Month Commitment due up front, then month to month unless you choose to pay in full 
3 months: $333
6 months: $637
12 Months: $1297

Etransfer or use the secure
payment button beside this.

*note* there is no refunds for this membership


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