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Resources for Supporting Your Healing & Growth



Balancing the cortices has a significant effect on stress levels.

When a person contracts an illness or are involved in an accident of any kind, a certain amount of stress is created. Balancing the cortices appears to calm all the body’s systems. There’s an accompanying subjective increase in well-being.
People can use the cortex balancing technique for stress management.


Solfeggio Frequencies

Frequencies that can help shift and rebalance what you are dealing with. Click the beginning link to the detailed descriptions and links to my favorite ones!
Some other favorite ones on Spotify:
Solfeggio Harmonics

My Playlist


Breathing Technique

There is emotional correlation as well to our breathing cycle.
Our breath sets up a chain of events that influences every aspect of body
Breathing in fully represents taking in life, breathing out fully represents the
ability to let go.
Our lungs expand and contract, which causes a rocking action in every part of the


Forgiveness Technique

Those on the spiritual pathway know the importance of forgiveness. For some of us, there is a step that is necessary before we can totally forgive. Sometimes the little kid in us needs to have revenge before it is free to forgive. For that, this exercise is very helpful. 

-Louise Hay


Triple Heater Technique

Restful sleep is crucial for our bodies to run optimally. 
Triple Warmer is the meridian that controls our fight, flight, or freeze response. According to Donna Eden, the triple warmer impacts the immune system and our ability to manage stress. When it is activated, the body is on high alert. When you practice tracing your triple warmer meridian backward, it can sedate or calm the fight or flight response.


Song Of The Spine

In June Leslie Wieder’s book “Songs of the Spine,” each vertebra has a frequency to which it responds. By transmitting these frequencies in sequence, the aim is to get the spine back into good working conditions – in essence, to realign the vertebrae correctly.


Somatic Releasing

Somatic release is a series of small movements intended to relieve pain and excess tension which will calm your body and mind. The movements can all be done in place, whether you are standing or sitting, and no equipment is required.

Connection (1).png

8D Audio 

8D Audio in those who are neurodivergent can stimulate multiple senses.
Some effects it may have:

  • Relaxation

  • Stress relief

  • Positive mood

  • Full-body shivers (in a good way)


Polyvagal Release

This vagus nerve reset is designed to relieve stress and anxiety by restoring the social engagement state referenced in Polyvagal Theory developed by Stephen Porges. Vagus nerve exercises also turn off fight or flight in the sympathetic nervous system to release trauma stored in the body.

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